Fiorentin Studio by Stefano Fiorentin

Photography has always been a very important part of my life.

I have been very fortunate to have studied under great Italian photographers, from whom I have adopted a high standard of professionalism, in both my approach to work and in realizing the ideals of each of my clients.

Whether it is fashion or commercial photography, special events or weddings, every task is a new challenge in which I strive to succeed, by combining my artistic instinct, with the desires of my clients, as well as the latest trends in visual expression.

I started my career in 1995 while working with many commercial agencies in Milan. The experience I gained from working with top photographers has enabled me to satisfy very high professional and esthetic criteria of some of the most demanding clients, who pay a lot of attention to top quality photography and visual imagery.
World renowned companies like; Gucci, Samsonite and many others have entrusted me with the presentation of their lines.
At this same time, my love and interest for portrait photography begins to grow and I develop my style in the area of wedding photography while striving to perfect myself as a “fashion/wedding” photographer.

After nearly fifteen years of work and establishing myself in the world of fashion in Milan and other Italian metropolis, in 2004 I opened a studio in Zagreb, with the desire to carry over my knowledge and experience to Croatia.
While being heavily engaged in the area of wedding photography I started collaborating with EPH editorials for whom I photograph front page covers as well as beauty and fashion photography of many marketing agencies. At the same time, I continue my collaboration with clients in Italy.
As the scope of my business has broadened significantly, Fiorentin Studio has added new members – Young and ambitious photographers with a special talent for photography and a desire to acquire new experience and be better at their work, every day. As a result, our services have recently been sought after by companies like Schwarzkopf, Bang & Olufsen, Mobilkom Austria Group, Chevron, P.Z. Auto, Subway, Jacobs… to fashion designers like Envy Room.

Today, I can say with the outmost confidence that Fiorentin Studio has many satisfied clients behind it. One reason for this is that I am constantly investing in myself to insure that I stay on top of the latest trends and techniques in photography, while my love and loyalty toward the business creates trust and the best guarantee for professionally created work.
With respect to wedding photography, I can also fully attest to all couples happily leaving my studio, after receiving a unique album, filled with memories of the happiest day of their life.

Elegant & Stylish

To whom would you recommend your style of wedding photography?
My clients have a sophisticated taste in photography, but above all they value quality.Because of my unique style, I am also sought out by international clients and by all those who desire elegant and spontaneous photography, which is at the same time so vivid, that it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Why choose a professional photographer?
A wedding album presents a memory that lasts, but the story told in that album is the most vivid memory of the couple’s wedding day. To choose a professional means that at the same time, you are entrusting the photographer with your deepest feelings on the special day; happiness, laughter, tears and all other emotions. You are also confident that the photographer will know how to re-tell those feelings and emotions through his photography. I will prove my expertise to those who trust in me, and under all conditions will I know how to achieve the anticipated result.

How do you approach wedding photography?
To tell a story of the wedding of two people requires maximum engagement, submission and directing attention to even the littlest details. In addition, discretion also plays an important role: to document a wedding in the same way that was planned by the couple means to fully adapt to the given situation and not impose or influence the flow of their wedding.

What are the main characteristics of your wedding photography?<br>Elegance, spontaneity and photographs full of emotion are the main characteristics of my wedding photography. I approach each wedding with special attention because I want to portray the atmosphere, lighting and ambiance of that day as realistically as possible, just exactly as it was. Thanks to my comprehensive knowledge of technique, I am able to instantly get what I am looking for. I know how to achieve this with my creativity and I do not allow myself to go into so much editing, which is otherwise something that others who do not have this knowledge tend to struggle with. What I achieve for my couples is that every time they open their wedding album and look at the photographs, they feel those same very real emotions just like on their wedding day. I also apply my experience in the field of fashion photography to create a real wedding fashion photograph.

How may one contact you live and see examples of your work?
My studio is located in Zagreb, not too far from the city center in the Maksimir quarter. It is a pleasant environment, which allows the couple to escape the stress of wedding preparations and gives them the opportunity to get closely acquainted with photo and video production, myself and my colleagues; In addition, I can also be contacted through my website www.fiorentin-studio.com